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The following activities form part of our standard agreement with partner publishers.  With the exception of optional participation within Eurospan’s collective exhibit at the Frankfurt Book Fair each year, this sales and marketing programme is funded entirely by Eurospan.

Direct Marketing & Sales
  • Database & Leaflet Production: Each new title is automatically entered into a custom-built marketing database from which all promotional literature is generated.
  • Direct Mail: Publisher-imprinted leaflets and Eurospan subject catalogues are regularly sent to named academics, researchers, practitioners and professionals, and their related corporate and institutional libraries.
  • Display Advertising: Selective advertising is undertaken in key academic and professional journals and/or magazines. This may be supplemented with support from the publisher client.
  • Review Copies/Publicity: Underpinned by an extensive media database, classified by fine subject interest and circulation size, review copies are sent out proactively. Additionally, press releases and advance proof copies are ‘placed’ with the press and/or professional magazines.
  • Meetings & Conferences: Title displays are arranged at relevant academic and professional meetings and conferences throughout the year.
  • Inspection Copy Programme: Requests from professors and other course leaders for reading copies of core and supplementary texts are selectively filled, but only on the understanding that feedback will be provided, either by completion of an online evaluation form, or in the form of a follow-up telephone interview. Detail on confirmed adoptions are routinely fed to our regional sales representatives for sell-through to the relevant college bookstore.
  • Special Sales: e-blasts, pre-publication offers, co-operative promotions with societies and associations and bulk sales to industry and other non-traditional book outlets are undertaken as appropriate.
Sales to Bookstores, Wholesalers and Library Suppliers
  • New Titles Announcements (NTAs)/Stock Feeds: Stockists of academic and professional books are encouraged to place orders for new titles ahead of UK publication based on NTA sheets prepared for key titles.
  • New Books Catalogue: A New Titles catalogue is produced each Spring and Fall in print, CD and online formats. Publisher titles are listed by imprint, within subject. These catalogues are circulated to key booksellers and wholesalers.
  • Bookstore Representation: Regional based teams cover bookstores throughout our market, with each major account receiving at least seasonal visit.
  • Advantage Programme: All our publisher’s new titles are routinely registered with the Advantage programme, thereby ensuring that each is publicized either as immediately available from stock or can be pre-ordered for those not yet published.
  • Bibliographic Data:  All titles new titles are registered with Nielsen/Bookdata (NBD) and feature in PubEasy. These are both crucial reference resources for the UK/European library and bookselling market.
Other Sales Activities
  • Online Bookstore: All titles are featured in Eurospan’s online bookstore. Here, titles can be searched by publisher, title, subject, ISBN, keyword, or publication date, and then ordered securely online.
  • E-alerts/blasts: sent to booksellers and library suppliers to complement our printed promotional material and back up the efforts of our bookstore representatives.
  • Book Fairs: In addition to the Frankfurt Book Fair title displays are usually arranged at the annual Cairo, Cape Town, London and Tehran Book Fairs.
  • UK Academic Hotline:  Academic Hotline from late-August through to early-November, allowing bookstores to receive free next-day delivery on a range of core textbooks.
  • Prospect Database: A bespoke database lists potential purchasers by major and minor subject interest as well as by classification (institutional, corporate, individual, etc.).
Reporting & Feedback
  • Marketing Activity Summary: A formal overview of sales and marketing activities is provided biannually, to include samples of promotional materials. This is in addition to regular day-to-day contact with your assigned marketing manager.
  • On-Demand Reports: Where possible, schedules of sales by title and region are provided on request.



To ensure that Eurospan marketing and sales personnel are free to focus entirely on the job at hand, i.e. on increasing revenues and enhancing imprint awareness, each is supported by the following distribution-related support teams, all of which, once again, are part and parcel of our standard partnership agreement:-

Warehousing & Fulfilment

A fully-integrated, 50,000 square foot warehouse, managed by Eurospan’s sister company, Turpin Distribution Services, ensures that we are able to carry a publisher’s entire range, both new and backlist. Located in Biggleswade, just 40 miles from London, this carries around 70% of our active titles, while another 30% are available through an Only-to-Order (OTO) service.

The warehouse team boasts same-day invoicing that enables delivery of orders within 3-5 working days to UK customers (6-8 overseas). Turpin also provides database management services, sales reports as required and inventory control. Service-led features include multi-currency billing (e.g. euros in the eurozone and US $ in the Middle East), participation in PubEasy and NielsenBook's Teleordering and the ability to handle ‘consignment’ accounts such as the Amazon Advantage programme.

Customer Service

A Eurospan-dedicated customer service team accepts orders and fields stock enquiries, price quotations and general questions. It  services around 5,000 bookseller accounts in across 150+ countries across 4 continents. It also handles direct orders from individual academics, or professionals, who may, for example, have ordered through the secure ordering facility within Eurospan’s online bookstore. Multilingual staff are also on hand to respond to customers in French, German and Spanish, as well as English.

Sales Ledger/Credit Control

Eurospan owns and has complete control over the Eurospan Sales Ledger at Turpin. Publishers are paid irrespective of whether we have collected from our customers and any bad debts are the responsibility of Eurospan.

Inventory Control and POD

A combination of new title and “top-up” orders are placed with the publisher on a regular basis. In most cases, the decisions with respect to opening stock are taken by our marketing and sales team, following assessment of a title’s potential in this market. Decisions about “top-up” stock are generated by our fully-automated re-order system.

Strategic partnerships are in place with recognized industry leaders such as Lightning Source, UK and Integrated Book Technologies (IBT), and stock replenishment of many thousands of our titles is both timely and cost-effective, causing minimum disruption in service to customers. The relationship with each publisher's preferred POD supplier is, typically, managed directly by Eurospan.


Stock is transferred weekly by sea, at Eurospan’s expense from consolidation points in New Jersey and Hong Kong directly to our distribution centre.  This is supplemented as necessary by air and courier services.

Sales Reporting

Sales and inventory reports are provided monthly or quarterly.  In addition, specific schedules of sales by title and region can be provided upon request.

Despite the ever-increasing encroachment into our exclusive market of online retailers such as, it remains true that Eurospan’s “offer” – combining an extensive local stockholding with regular new title information, standing order plans, incentive discounts, free delivery, extended credit and the right to return unsold stock - continues to be an attractive proposition for UK and European bookstores, including the many specialist independents with whom we work as well as the larger chains and wholesalers.



Recognising the importance to our client publishers of their authors and editors, author care is part of the service provided by Eurospan.

Amongst the services we provide free of charge are:

  • Promotional materials – for example, handouts for lectures or conferences
  • “Hand-holding” at book launches and other events
  • Copies of authored books for display/sale
  • Dispatching review copies to the media
  • A venue for publisher/author meetings (our central London offices)
  • The opportunity to meet with a Eurospan Sales and Marketing Manager to discuss promotional opportunities.


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